We believe in therapy. More than a hundred years of evidence proves that therapy can help just about everyone, whether they’re having short-terms problems or lifelong struggles.

But if you are suffering from sex addiction, there comes a time when speaking with a non-specialize therapist just isn’t enough. Most therapists who help people with their problems aren’t capable of dealing with any any sort of addiction. Here’s how many of our clients end up coming to us for treatments for sex addiction.

A general therapist can be a great first step: In the medical field, there are generalist doctors and there are specialist. A generalist might see the signs of cancer, but she won’t treat it herself…she’s going to send you to an oncologist.

It’s similar with therapists, as some treat more common mental ailments while others have specialties. You might start with a general therapist, but once they recognize that you’ll be needing therapy for sex addiction they should pass you along to someone who specializes in it. Why?

They might be in over their heads: We respect therapists of any sort, but most of them deal with depression, anxiety, and family interactions. If you go in with depression and then it’s revealed that your depression stems from your sex addiction, it introduces a problem that your your therapist simply doesn’t deal with on a daily basis.

Here at Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, we have the training and experience required to help you with your problems. We can offer one-on-one therapy as well as group therapy. Get help today by calling us at (610) 844-7180.