dreamstime_3636374Over and over again we hear from people who have put off coming to us for their sexual addiction problems. Many of them have been caught and tell us about how they wish they’d received help for their problems long before the law ever got involved.

Let’s make this clear: we want to see you before you offend. We want to see you before you find yourself in a legal situation and find yourself facing jail time. We can help you when you’re already in trouble too, as seeking help can go a long way toward convincing a judge that you’re back on the right track. Here are three addictions we hope to help you with.

Child Pornography

If you are interested in child pornography, we want to help you. Stopping your cravings for child pornography can go a long way to stopping your interest in children in general, and ceasing these urges makes the world a better place for everyone. Trying to stop cold turkey almost never works for such a sexual addiction, and we can employ our treatment services to start the healing process.

Online Solicitation of a Minor

If you ever find yourself considering soliciting a minor, you have to ask yourself the question: is it worth losing years of your life behind bars? Then ask which is worse, admitting your urges to a trained counselor or finding yourself in prison? Your life will be so much better if you simply seek help with our sexual addiction treatment services.

Other Illegal Online Acts

Child pornography isn’t the only illegal type of illegal pornography. There are other types that are illegal in Pennsylvania and can get you into hot water. Seeing us can help you curb your interest in watching these acts online and also from seeking them out in real life.

At Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, we want to help you before you do something you regret, and help you get better if you already have. Call us immediately, because it can save you from a lifetime of troubles.