Over the decades, many addictions have come to light as something to be treated instead of shunned. While people used to  think that alcoholism was simply a vice, most people today understand that the person addicted to the alcohol really doesn’t have much choice in the matter. Society is slowly allotting that same understanding to other addictions as well, such as drug and food addictions.

But sex addiction hasn’t yet be accepted as a true addiction by the general public, even though it is a recognized addiction in the medical community. Why has our country had such a hard time accepting sexual addiction as a legitimate malady?

They Don’t Want To Talk About It: We came from Puritan roots, and sex is still seen as something that isn’t discussed. Sure, much of our entertainment is sex-based, but in public and private it still gives people an uneasy feeling to talk about it.

Sex Feels Good: When it comes to sex addiction, most people who don’t understand it will sarcastically say “oh, sure they’re addicted to sex. Who wouldn’t be?” Because sex feels good, everyone can understand the interest having it a lot. But what they don’t understand is that sex addiction goes beyond the pleasurable act and leads the sufferer into dangerous or life altering situations that their brains will not allow them to avoid.

Sex Addiction Doesn’t Show Outwardly: If you see the same person stumbling down the street every day with a bottle in their hand, it’s easy to assume they are an alcoholic. If a friend doesn’t go to a bar without having three drinks at home first, you might suspect something.

It’s easier to see the outward signs of chemical dependency than that of sex addiction. When you are a sex addict, the actions are often kept behind closed doors, and there’s no immediate indication that you’ve had an unavoidable sexual encounter like there is with alcohol or drug addiction. If people can’t see you sex addiction, it’s easy for them to think that it doesn’t exist.

Sex Is Not A Chemical: People understand cause and effect a lot more when that cause and effect is between two physical objects: ”I have a headache, I took two aspirin, I feel better” or “I drank five shots, I felt sick, I threw up.” It’s easier for them to understand an addiction when there is a chemical component that has to be ingested or injected.

With sex, there’s nothing chemical being put into the body to alter it, so the idea of sex addiction might seem strange. What they’re not realizing is that it’s not the chemicals that are required to make something an addiction, but the act of seeking out something destructive against one’s own will.


Sex addiction is real, no matter how society might view it. Too many people are embarrassed about their addiction because of the subject matter, but If you think that you need therapy for sex addiction or pornography addiction, please contact us and know that we can help you get your life back to the way you want it.