Sex addiction is as real as any other addiction out there. Just because there isn’t a chemical that is depended upon (alcohol, tobacco, or drugs) doesn’t mean that the person isn’t dependant on something that goes beyond their control.

If you are reading this blog there’s a very good chance that you know someone with a sex addiction and are looking for ways to help them. Maybe it’s a friend, spouse, or co-worker. You might not be trained to help them, but you can be a part of their recovery.

Understand That They Might Not Know What’s Going On

As with many addictions, the person having the problem might not even know that they are dependant on sex or pornography. They might be oblivious to how this addiction is hurting themselves and those around them.

Realize They Might Not Want To Talk

Sex is already a taboo topic for many people. Even spouses who have sex often might not actually talk about it. On top of that, you’re asking someone to talk about it while admitting that they have a problem, something that can be doubly difficult for them. It’s important that you do some planning. Let them know that you’re about to bring up a touchy subject, and that you want them to stick around until the end of it. Write some specific ways in which their actions are hurting them and those around them. Point out how their actions could get them into trouble. Maybe what they’re doing is illegal, or could result in STDs or unintended pregnancies.

They might dismiss you at first, but you’ve given them something to think about. Above all, don’t let them feel like they’re being attacked.

Get Them Professional Help

Once they’re willing to talk about it more openly, guide them to professional sex addiction counselors such as those at Sexual Addiction Treatment Services. By getting them to talk to us, you’ve done your friend or loved one a great service. They’ll need your help in the futures as well.