Addiction is a scary thing, especially if you’re dealing with it on your own. From the many struggles that you’ll come across to the temptations that might lead you down some dark walks of life, facing addiction isn’t something that you want to do alone. 

In most cases, addicts will have a tough time handling their addiction because of fears that they have rooted in the process of sobriety, among other fears as well. In today’s blog post, our team is going to talk about a few of the fears that most addicts will come across while facing their addiction. We hope that today’s blog post shows you that you are not alone in this journey and that you can always count on Sexual Addiction Treatment Services to be there when you need help. 


One of the most common fears that addicts have when it comes to facing addiction is failure, and we completely understand why that is. Addiction is not something that is cured overnight. In fact, it takes most addicts years to fully overcome their addiction. With that being said, looking at a long path ahead can be really overwhelming, especially when you think about all of the temptations that you’re sure to come across along the way. Recognizing these temptations or the many things that could cause you to fail is one of the best ways to face your fears when dealing with addiction. When you attend the meetings that we offer, we will help you face some of the fears of failure that you have in conquering your addiction and provide you with methods that can help you conquer those fears over time.


Addiction isn’t something that people can choose, it’s literally a wiring within the brain. Even though that is the case, it’s extremely difficult not to feel like everybody is judging you when you have an addiction. As you go through the process of conquering your struggles with addiction, it’s common to feel scared of the judgment that you’ll receive from friends, family, and people that you may not even know. Again, this is something that we’ll talk about in our meetings. It’s something that will inevitably happen and that you should be prepared to deal with. Let our team help ensure that you don’t get scared or overwhelmed by any judgment that you come across throughout your healing process.


While the fear of failure is something that most addicts would presume happens while working towards sobriety, the fear of success is something that is often deeply rooted within our self conscious. Whether you have recognized your addiction for a year or for a lifetime, there’s often a lot of guilt associated with an addiction, and it’s the thought of succeeding and overcoming this addiction than can lead us to feel guilty about being okay, or succeeding. If you have a fear of being successful or you feel like you are unworthy, it’s time for you to make an appointment and take advantage of one of the treatment services we offer. Everyone is worthy of success and being free of their addiction; let our team help you get there.


Similar to judgment, rejection is yet another fear that people have with working towards sobriety. It doesn’t really matter if your friends and family are aware of your addiction or if you’re only just planning on telling them, the idea of being rejected by them is daunting. Even so, you need to be strong enough to know that rejection is not a reason to stop working towards a better life. Let us help you achieve the help and life that you deserve, even if the ones surrounding you have rejected you because of your addiction. You can always count on us to be there.

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