1. Supportive Therapy for Sexual Abuse

    Did you know that approximately 1 in 10 children will be the victim of some kind of sexual abuse by the time they reach their 18th birthday? Sexual abuse in children is a problem in our country, and each and every one of those kids needs someone on t…Read More

  2. Let Our Treatments for Sex Addiction Help You

    Do you feel like your sexual addiction is controlling your life? Many people feel beaten down and manipulated by their sex addiction, but that doesn't have to be you. We are Sexual Addiction Treatment Services and our licensed therapists have been he…Read More

  3. We Can Help You Cope With Your Pornography Addiction

    Do you tell yourself over and over again that you will stop looking at pornography, only to find yourself looking at it anyway? This is one of the many signs that you may have a pornography addiction. Many people like to scoff at the idea that sexual…Read More

  4. Compassionate Treatment For Sex Addiction

    Do you feel worn down and manipulated by your sexual addiction? Sexual addiction can have so many negative ramifications on your life. It can adversely affect your family, job, and well being.  We want you to know that you are not alone, and we have…Read More

  5. Move Past It With Therapy For Sex Addiction

    Sexual addiction effects so many people, and if you are one of those people, it can feel like a long road to recovery. If you find that your life is being adversely effected by your compulsive sexual activity, then you may benefit from therapy for se…Read More

  6. Affordable treatments for sex addiction

    You don't have to go bankrupt to receive the treatment you need. That's why we offer affordable treatments for sex addiction here at SATS. We always have our client's best interests in mind.…Read More

  7. We offer pornography addiction services

    If you are suffering from pornography addiction, you can be helped. We're SATS and we specialize in that specific treatment and other services. Please contact us today to set up a consultation.…Read More