Out of Control Sexual Behavior and Sexual Addiction
Many clients who contact us are concerned about their or their significant other’s sexual behavior. Sometimes people will quickly label these behaviors as sexual addiction. SATS does believe that sexual addiction is real issue for many people. However, we do not feel that this label should be applied to everyone based on behavior alone. Read More



Cybersex Offending and Sex Offending

SATS specializes in the treatment of cybersex offenders and other sex offenders.  Often, a client’s problematic sexual behavior crosses the legal boundary and they begin to engage in illegal sexual activities.  This includes: child pornography, online solicitation, indecent exposure, voyeurism and contact offending. Read More



Forensic Services

Dr. Weeks has extensive experience working with attorneys and clients involved in the legal system at the county, state and federal level.  She provides psychosexual evaluations for forensic clients. Read More



Impaired Professionals

Often, substance abuse issues create problems in a client’s professional life as well as in his or her personal life.  SATS has years of experience working with impaired professionals, particularly health care professionals.  We work extensively with SARPH, PNAP or the PHMP to provide both evaluations and treatment to help impaired professionals get back on track in both their personal and professional lives. Read More