Addictions are tricky things. They seem to consume and affect our entire life. And then, the moment that you recognize it’s not good for you and decide to change, it seems as though everything surrounding you suddenly makes that action and that addiction all the more tempting. 

Our team has helped various people in and around Plymouth overcome their addiction to sex. In that time, we have recognized many of the triggers that cause our clients to want to go back to this addiction that has consumed  their life. The reality is, however, triggers are very real things. Temptation and triggers are going to be there through the entirety of your recovery and for the rest of your life, so it’s important that you face them and recognize them. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to touch on a few of the triggers and temptations that you will come across while overcoming your addiction. Let’s get started.

Moments where you stop

The moments where we are bored or have nothing to do, whether it’s at home on a weekend or at work when you’re feeling unproductive, these moments can often lead us to some of the most tempting times. Studies have shown that individuals who are constantly moving are less likely to fall prey to the various temptations that attics have to deal with. if you know that an idle mind is something that you’re going to struggle with in regards to temptation, then it’s best to figure out how you can keep yourself busy in advance.


A lot of times, addictions are coping mechanisms for negative emotions. The process of working towards sobriety, however, can dredge up quite a bit of negative emotions. It can be challenging to avoid feelings of anger, guilt, and loneliness throughout this time. If you recognize that your addiction started because of negative emotions, do your best to stay away from toxic environments that are more likely to create these types of emotions. 


Another common reason that individuals become addicted to one thing or another is stress. Stress is something that we all experience, some of us more than others. Whether it’s a tough day at work, a relationship that’s not going well, or you’re simply someone who goes a little overboard on their tasks, addictions are one of the best ways to cope with stress. Recognizing this trait of your personality can make all of the difference when working towards your sobriety. It’s crucial, in these instances, that you know when to walk away so that you can avoid the chances of relapsing.

Staying in the Scene

There are certain environments that allow addictions to thrive. Thinking about it now, you probably have the scene in mind. You may even be able to think of specific friends or certain places that make you want to give in to your addiction. In the case of many addicts, this type of environment and culture becomes the norm. While it may feel familiar, and in some cases safe, you absolutely cannot let this remain the norm. These types of environments are without a doubt one of the most common triggers that addicts will come across. Unfortunately, choosing to stay in this scene where your addiction thrives will only set you up for failure. For that reason, you want to make sure that you are completely removing yourself from the scenes and environments that tempt you to act on your addiction.

Start Your Treatment

Triggers and temptations are most definitely one of the most challenging parts of working towards sobriety. In the case of a sex addict, the challenges can be unbearable. Our team wants to make sure that you have the knowledge and power to face these obstacles and overcome them.

Choosing to invest in your mental and physical well being is the first step to conquering an addiction. Sexual Addiction Treatment Services is proud to provide individuals in and around the Plymouth area with the services and assistance that they need to overcome an addiction to sex. We have worked hard to create treatment plans that look at the various challenges and struggles that come with conquering addiction. Learn more about the various specialties that we offer, and contact our office today to get started.