SATS’ coaching program will provide solution focused coaching for clients within and outside of Pennsylvania.  The coaching sessions will differ from therapy sessions in that clients and coaches will focus on present day issues to clarify goals and identify obstacles that keep them from their goals.  The coach helps the client create a behavioral action plan to achieve the goals.  Unlike therapy, coaching will NOT involve resolving past issues, problematic beliefs, trauma etc.  Coaching is a solution focused process involving a present-day issue.

Coaching will be provided by staff members identified as appropriate for the type of coaching desired.  Coaching session will all be paid in full at the start of coaching.  The client is responsible for scheduling weekly one-hour sessions with their coach.

Coaching sessions can be either in person or via HIPPA compliant video conferencing.  The Center for Positive Living uses the Secure Video platform for video sessions.

The cost of coaching sessions is between $100 and 150 per hour.  Coaching packages for specific programs are required to be paid up front.  For example, the Facing the Shadows 12-week coaching program costs $1200.00.  The fee is required before the first session is scheduled.

Coaching programs will be both workbook guided and free form.  Those individuals who complete a workbook guided program are offered follow up coaching.