dreamstime_11712880It was argued for years whether marijuana was a gateway drug; that is, one that people start on and then move to another drug. General consensus is that it’s not so much a gateway drug, it’s just that people who eventually moved on to other drugs tried marijuana first for one simple reason: it was the easiest drug to get.

Two decades ago, the same question was being asked about Playboy and Penthouse magazine. Do they lead to a further interest in pornography, or is that that they were the simplest to get? Today such magazines are seem quaint, and last year Playboy itself stopped publishing nude photos.

But, as we said, that was 20 years ago. Whether or not those magazines are gateways is a completely irrelevant question today. We’re not dealing with gateways; we’re dealing with floodgates of porn. Why is it such a different situation?

It wasn’t always easy to get

For many young males in the age of magazine pornography, it was an enticement that occurred irregularly. Those who weren’t old enough had a difficult time obtaining it, and those who were old enough might have a hard time facing the cashier. Only those in large cities could find their way to a porographic theather. With today’s porn, you have access to it all, all the time.

It’s in the house

Porn is everywhere. And we’re not being hyperbolic here, it is literally flying through the air over your head right now as someone accesses it via their cell phone. Anyone with an internet connection or cellular service has immediate access to pornography, and that’s more than 80% of adults in America. And because it’s not a physical medium, it’s easy to hide any pornography addiction problems you might be having.

You can have anything you want

treatment 1Easy access to pornography means that you can get whatever you want whenever you want. This means you can, with a few clicks on a keyboard, access any sexual act that has ever been performed. When you can have this immediately, it can affect what is considered normal sexual behavior and cause you to lose interest in your significant other.

We started off talking about how simple access to something can cause it to be used more. As more people have access to constant pornography, there are going to be more instances of pornography addiction. If you’re tired of living with this problem, contact Sexual Addiction Treatment Services today to get help.