Our name, Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, can admittedly be limiting sometimes. That’s because we don’t just help people with problematic sexual behavior; we also help those healthcare professionals who might be having trouble with particular types of substance abuse.

Once a healthcare worker has been found to be under the influence of a drug while on the job, everything is at stake. Years in medical school can be lost, and practicing as a physician or nurse may no longer be an option. That’s why it’s so important for them to get evaluated and prove that they are getting help for their problem.

Why are healthcare workers so susceptible to drug problems while on the job?

Easy Access

You won’t be surprised to know that there are drugs everywhere in a hospital. The most common drugs that healthcare workers get addicted to are opiates, which are essentially synthetic heroin. While these medicines are intended to relieve pain in patients, opiates can also produce euphoria. Unfortunately, producers of these medicines lied and said that they weren’t addictive, and now America has a huge problem as 30,000 people a year are dying from opiate overdoses. They’re part of the reason that drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50. Still, opiates are very plentiful in most health establishments.

The Stress

The stress that a healthcare provider is under is considerable, especially during the early days of their careers. Doctors and nurses end up working 12, 18, or 24 hours shifts as they deal with emergencies. They are submitted to injuries caused by basic stupidity or unconscionable violence. Sometimes the patients are dying, other times the doctor has to tell relatives about the death.

All of this stress causes some doctors to seek an escape, and as we mentioned above, the easiest escape could be just down the hall. While the initial decision might not be defensive, the addiction that could come later can be. That’s because…

They’re Human

The idea of what addiction is has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. While once it was seen as a moral or mental failing, we know now that it’s never up to the individual to become addicted. While one person might be able to take drugs recreationally and take it or leave it, another might take a drug once and be addicted for their entire lives. The way our bodies and minds work isn’t up to us, so there’s really no justification in judging someone based on how addictive they find certain substances or behaviors.

All this to say that physicians are human too. Just because they’ve been through training and have seen what drugs can do to patients doesn’t mean that they’re any less likely to get addicted. Considering the sheer number of drugs they have easy access to, it can actually be easier to get addicted simply because there are so many to try.

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