1. Friend and Family Support Is Great, but Professional Treatment for Problematic Sexual Behavior Is Key

    Without a doubt, support from family and friends can be crucial when someone is suffering from problematic sexual behavior. Help from loved ones can go a long way to helping someone with their pornography addiction or other out-of-control sexual beha…Read More

  2. If You Are Aware of Someone With A Sex Addiction, Here’s How To Help

    Sex addiction is as real as any other addiction out there. Just because there isn’t a chemical that is depended upon (alcohol, tobacco, or drugs) doesn’t mean that the person isn’t dependant on something that goes beyond their control. If you a…Read More

  3. A Different Way To Think About Sexual Addiction

    The idea of “addiction” is a relatively new one. Before we understood brain mechanics, people were simply drunks or perverts or weak-willed, those people who would willfully succumb to the temptations that the world offered. Today we’re becomin…Read More

  4. Why Society Has A Problem Accepting Therapy For Sex Addiction

    Over the decades, many addictions have come to light as something to be treated instead of shunned. While people used to  think that alcoholism was simply a vice, most people today understand that the person addicted to the alcohol really doesn’t …Read More