Treatments for Sex AddictionSome people scoff at the idea of sexual addiction, thinking that, because sex so obviously feels good, that it would be foolish to consider excess interest in it “addiction.”

However, it’s been revealed and proven that sexual addiction is as powerful an addiction as any other.

It’s all in the mind – All addictions are in the mind. While that’s obvious for most things we think of as addictions — drugs or alcohol — it can be less obvious when it involves something physical like sex. But the compulsion that is the hallmark of sexual addiction isn’t about getting the physical pleasure…there’s something going on in the brain that is forcing the individual to seek out destructive behavior. Speaking of destructive behavior…

It’s destructive – Much like a drug addiction, sexual addiction can lead people to make the wrong decisions. And, exactly like drugs, these addictions can cause the person to not consider how their actions are going to affect those around them. It can be even more destructive than a drug addiction, introducing sexually transmitted diseases into long-term intimate relationships and destroying these relationships as the partner feels betrayed.

It’s uncontrollable – Like most addictions, no one chooses to become addicted. There may be actions that trigger a response, but it’s not something that someone decides to follow through on. Without help, sexual addiction, like a drug addiction, can lead to destruction and even death.


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