While a good deal of our efforts go into helping those with some form of sexual addiction, SATS also has the staff on hand to evaluate and treat healthcare professionals who have been found to be impaired on the job, whether it’s because of alcohol or drugs. You might think that sexual addictions and substance abuse are as different as night and day, but the way addiction takes hold of the brain proves they have more in common than you might think.

We’re interested in helping people take control of their lives. Why do we do everything we can to help healthcare professionals manage their addictions and get their lives back on track?

Save The Years of Training

When it comes to healthcare professionals, they’re spent many years of their lives in training. For someone who’s graduated as a doctor and finds themselves addicted at the age of 30, we know they want to do everything possible to not throw away off of those years in college simply because they were unfortunate enough to have a brain more likely to become addicted to a substance. Time with us could help ameliorate some of the punishments handed down from boards and courts.

They Have a Lot To Give

While the appeal of a doctor’s paycheck draws some to the medical field, most people get into the medical professional for the noble reason of helping people. Doctors have a lot to give to the world, and after 10 years in medical school it can be harmful to a community to lose someone who was helping them as a healthcare professional.

Doctors, nurses, and others in the medical field all have a lot to give, and if that can be salvaged with addiction treatment, then it’s certainly worth it to do so.

There’s Constant Temptation

One of the reasons that many healthcare professionals get into trouble with substance abuse is that they have easy access to multiple types of drugs kept at a hospital, and doctors have access to prescription ordering. While this might not be an excuse to start the drug abuse in the first place, it can make the temptation that much more understandable to those who might not be in the same position.

Not To Mention the Stress

Healthcare workers put themselves in high-stress situations every day. Because they might find themselves facing life-or-death, horrific situations, it’s no surprise that some of them will find escape in drugs or alcohol.

We understand how these stressful situations, coupled with the problems associated with the addiction itself, can affect someone’s life. Our evaluations of healthcare professional can include treatment that addresses the pressure they find themselves under.

Here at SATS, we know how addiction weighs on a person. We see it every day in those who need help, and we are ready to work with SARPH, PNAP, and PHMP in order to evaluate and treat those who have fallen to addiction and gotten themselves in trouble. If you need help or know of someone who does, contact SATS today.