We’re often asked, where does addiction come from? We’re able to give you a definite answer…we don’t know. In fact, there are as many reasons as there addicts. There have been some similarities noted, though.


Genetics: When it comes to some addictions like alcoholism, it’s obvious that there are specific genetic markers that can be passed from generation to generation. Can the same be said for sexual addiction?

It’s often easier to hide the acts and effects of sexual addiction than it is to hide alcohol addiction. It’s also more difficult to research it because, as broadly-sexualized as our culture is, sex is still a taboo subject when talked about in specific terms. Because of these barriers, It’s more difficult to study sexual addiction lineage than with some other addictions.


Self-medication: Sometimes addictions arise because a person is trying to escape his or her problems. It could be to escape tragedy or abuse, or simply because they feel that something is missing from their lives. Addictions, including sexual addiction, can arise to gloss over those negative feelings. In a case like this it must be acknowledged that this is only a band-aid that’s hiding the underlying problems that should be addressed.


Free Time: Until recently, free time for humans didn’t exist. They spent the entirety of one day making sure that they’d have something to eat the next day.

Since we live in an affluent society, we have disposable income and disposable time. When you’re not spending every minute trying to survive, we have more time to seek out pleasure. Sometimes we find that pleasure and it leads to obsessive behavior and negative consequences, and we just can’t seem to stop.


Sexual addiction is real, and it’s important to get therapy for sex addiction in order to find the root of the problems and start the healing process. Contact Sexual Addiction Treatment Services if you or a loved on has a problem.