slideIf you have a sexual addiction, you might freely admit it to yourself. You might know that it’s taking over your life, but you just can’t bring yourself to tell anyone else: not your primary doctor, not a friend, and especially not a family member.

It can be difficult to do. After all, as much as society like to talk about sex, it can be very difficult when it’s a personal problem. Here are a few reasons you should make an appointment to see us at SATS.

We’re A Confidential Third Party

Even as many of Sigmund Freud’s ideas have fallen away over the decades, there’s still one aspect of his therapy that continues: talking to someone who doesn’t have a stake in the situation. We’re here to listen and offer our professional advice, and we legitimately want to help you. But we’re not a family member or friend, so once you leave the office you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable around us in social situations.

There’s Nothing We Haven’t Heard Before

You might be ashamed of your particular sexual addiction, but believe us when we say that there’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Even if we haven’t had a client with your specific tendencies, we’ve heard of it and can use tried and true treatments for sex addictions.

It Beats the Alternative

Perhaps you’re ashamed of your sexual desires, but consider the alternative. Is it worse to come in and get help by talking about your problems, or is the alternative worse: jail, STDs, and/or broken family relationships.

Just come in once. After your first session, it will become so much easier to talk about your situation. Sexual Addiction Treatment Services is here to offer the best therapy for sex addiction around. Contacting us is your first step to recovery. Call us today at 610-844-7180.