Treatments for Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction can be a lot harder to put your thumb on than other types of addictions. You aren’t likely to get hot flashes, shakes or chills when you quit cold turkey, but sexual addiction is still a very serious problem. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from sexual addiction are either too embarrassed to seek help, or they don’t realize that they have a problem until they have hit rock bottom. That is why the experts at Sexual Addiction Treatment Services have come up with this list of signs that you need treatment for your sex addiction in Bethlehem, PA:

  • You regularly engage in unintended sex, or in sexual situations with more partners than intended.
  • You have tried to cut down or stop your sexual activities altogether without success.
  • Even though you desperately want to stop, you can’t stop yourself from thinking about engaging in sexual activities.
  • You have to engage in sex more frequently (or more extreme forms of sex) to achieve the satisfaction that you desire.
  • You have neglected your other obligations for sex. These obligations can include friends, family, your job, your schoolwork or even household duties.
  • Continuing to engage in sexual behaviors, even when they come with negative consequences, such as relationship problems or physical health issues.
  • Spending a large amount of time engaging in sex related activities, such as viewing pornography or looking for partners.
  • You become irritable when you aren’t able to engage in sexual activity.

If any of the above statements describe you, then it is time to contact us to schedule your consultation.