Therapy for sex addiction can be hard to find. SATS, Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, aims to make finding a sex addition offender program easy. If your client has been charged with a sexual offense due to their sex addition, please call us. We offer both group and individual therapy that aim to effectively change the way your client thinks about sex.

Our Sexually Addicted Offenders group meets three times a weeks at our Conshohocken (Pa.) office. This group is perfect for long term therapy for people whose sexually compulsive behavior has urged them to cross the line into committing an offense.  We highly recommend this group to attorneys with clients who had been charged for viewing or possessing child pornography, exposing themselves in public, voyeurism, professional boundary violation and prostitution. This group is monitored and lead by members of our staff who are trained in helping offender face and deal with their addictions. Each session lasts and hour, however there will always be a therapist/counselor after to aid any straggling needs.

Another great program for you to leverage as an attorney is our individual counseling. Individual therapy at SATS is client based. Our staff members ensure that your client is introduced to the therapeutic recovery program at a pace that meets their current recovery process. Individual Counseling sessions are scheduled in increments of 50 minutes and can range from a weekly to bi-weekly basis. This program is great for offenders who are not yet far enough in the recovery process to attend group meetings.

Check out the details of all our programs here and remember to call SATS when your clients need help.