Do you feel that you struggle from sex addition? You are certainly not alone, it is thought that as many as 13% of Americans struggle with sex addiction, and those are just the people who have admitted to the problem. It is no wonder, our current society is obsessed with sex in everything from the deodorant commercials that are on TV to the books that we read. If  you are trying to recover from your sex addiction, it may seem helpless but we may be able to help. At Sexual Addiction Treatment Services we provide compassionate, holistic therapy for sex addiction in Philadelphia.

Because of our society’s obsession with sex, if you attempt to recover from you addiction alone, you will most likely fail. However, even with a designated recovery program, the road will be long and difficult, you are much more likely to succeed with a support system in place. As with any addiction, you have to take each day as it comes, and you will need someone to turn to when you feel like you are slipping. Our treatments for sex addiction can help you to overcome and get on with your life. We understand that each person is different, so our promise to you is to meet you where you are at in your recovery process.

Sex addiction plagues millions of people everyday, but it does not have to run your life for another day. Let the healing begin by starting your journey to free yourself from your addiction. Schedule your consultation with us today.