Do you feel like your sexual addiction is controlling your life? Many people feel beaten down and manipulated by their sex addiction, but that doesn’t have to be you. We are Sexual Addiction Treatment Services and our licensed therapists have been helping people to move past their addictions since 2010. Our┬átreatments for sex addiction are both compassionate and confidential, and it is our goal to give you a safe atmosphere to open and up and deal with the pain of your addiction.

Like every addiction, sexual addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it can be have a wide variety of distressing affects for loved ones and family members alike. Your addiction does not have to cause pain for you or your loved ones any longer; we can help you move past it so that the healing can begin. No matter the degree of your addiction, it is never too early to get help. We offer many different programs, and we can help you find the one that fits your needs. Whether you feel more comfortable in an individual counseling session or you are looking for the support of a group session, we can give you the therapy that you need for your sex addiction.

The only way to beat your addiction is by first taking the step to get help. Our therapists can help you discover which method will work best for your needs, and we can get you on the road to recovery. Take the first step and contact us today to schedule your consultation.