foryouFirst of all, we should get one thing out of the way. Blogs are a good way to get the conversation started, but it’s not meant to clinically diagnose a problem. This information can help you decide if it’s time to come in to the Sexual Addiction Treatment Services offices in Bethlehem or Conshohocken in order to receive professional help.

There are a number of signs that you might need sex addiction rehab. You might not be experiencing all of the signs below, but if you have three or more then it might be a good a good idea to come in and talk to someone.

  • Engaging in sex, masturbation, or watching pornography even when you have the desire to stop.

  • Spending much more time than you intend to looking at pornography or looking for your next sexual partner.

  • Neglecting your obligations to your family in pursuit of your next sexual experience, or skipping work or school searching for sex or viewing pornography.

  • Not being able to avoid sexual experiences despite the negative consequences that arise.

  • A considerable and constant increase in the frequency of sex partners, to the point of visiting prostitutes even when sex can be obtained from elsewhere.

  • Constantly engaging in sexual behaviors even if your romantic relationships are destroyed, or despite health risks.

  • Having multiple sex partners and / or not being able to stay loyal to one despite an interest in doing so.

  • Thinking about sex so much that it affects your work, even though you have the desire to reduce the frequency.

You’ve probably noticed the pattern. Like all addictions, sexual addiction comes with the inability to stop even if you want to. If you’re suffering from some of the above please give us a call so that we can help.