Sometimes someone will come to us (or be sent to us) saying “I’m comfortable with who I am, I’m happy. Why should I adhere to society’s or religion’s views on sex?”

That may seem like a good argument at first, but it’s also very telling. While there are certainly times when it’s okay to put yourself first, society isn’t there just to judge. After all, we’re all part of society and help to shape it, and you can’t deny that the acceptance of sexual practices has loosed over the decades.

Here at Sexual Addiction Treatment Services we focus on the destructive sexual behavior that is uncontrollable and might not be at first obvious to the sufferer. (For the purposes of this article, we’ll only address sexual acts that are entered into willingly by all parties. Forced sexual acts are much more obviously destructive to society and all involved.) What can we help with?

Destruction of real relationships – Sex is a very important part of being human, but when it becomes sex addiction it can get in the way of forming and keeping lasting relationships. Sex addiction can sever relationships with spouses, children, and parents if the addiction takes over a life and all relationships are shunned in order to get that next sexual experience.

Risky Behaviors – Addiction can reduce your ability to think things through before you engage in them. For instance, sex addiction often leads to multiple partners, and the addiction often convinces a person to go through with the act whether they are wearing protection or not. Sexually transmitted diseases are often the result. This is especially troubling if you then return to your unknowing partner and pass it on to them.

Society may frown on certain sexual behaviors, but it isn’t society that a sex addict should be worried about…it’s the close relationships in their lives that can be most helped with treatment for sex addiction. Contact us, we can help.