Don’t worry, it’s a common question, so it’s best to address it…is it really a good idea to put people in the same group who are having similar sexual addiction problems?

The answer in most cases is yes, because the benefits outweigh any negatives that might arise. We’ve found that our group therapy treatments for sexual addiction have been incredibly helpful in people’s lives, and that people can change when they are helped by our therapists and those around them.

If you are in need of treatments for sexual addiction, whether it’s being addicted to sex or having legally offended, you can expect the following advantages in group therapy:

Benefits of Group Therapy For Sexual Addiction Treatment


Sometimes we feel that we’re alone in our addiction, that we’re the only people who could possibly know what if feels like to live with this problem. In sexual addict groups you’ll find that others are also suffering and have grown. Something in your life, whether nurture or nature, has caused these socially unacceptable behaviors to come to arise. It helps when you’re surrounded by others who have started on this same journey of healing.


It’s important to remember that not everyone is at the same stage of growth. Others who have been in the program for longer can share their successes and empathize with the feelings you’re having. They may have ideas on what worked for them and how it could also work for you.

It’s always important to remember that there is help, and we have group therapy treatments for sexual addiction in our Conshohocken, PA and Bethlehem, PA locations. Start here and begin the healing.

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Professional Guidance

The therapists at Sexual Addiction Treatment Services have years of experience helping individuals and groups get the insight they need into their behavior that can set a foundation for recovery. In each session, we’ll be there to facilitate any discussion, group therapy activities, answer questions, and more. It’s important to remember that you’re never alone in this process, you can always rely on us to provide guidance and a listening ear whenever you need it.