You might be thinking that sex addiction counseling isn’t for you. You might think that you can handle it yourself, or that it’s just going to go away. Maybe you’re even comfortable with it and see no need to change.

But the chances of it going away on its own, you going cold-turkey, or you “growing out of it” are pretty slim, and we have the numbers to back that up. Those trying to treat their own sex addiction are always disappointed. So if you don’t come into see us, what are the alternatives to sex addiction treatment?

A Deadly Disease: Back in the 1980s, people started thinking about safe sex a lot more as AIDS came into the public consciousness. But even if AIDS had never came into the picture, there are other diseases that can be deadly, such as Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, and Syphilis. If you have unprotected sex enough times, your chances of picking up at least one of these approaches 100%.

Ruined Relationships: Sex addictions often ruin relationships. It might be because you don’t have interest in regular social interaction because it will take your time away from pornography. It often ruins marriages because the partner feels betrayed. Spouses can also feel betrayed, lonely, and helpless fror something like pornography addiction. You might even feel so much shame that you can’t look friends and family member in the eye because you’re afraid they might suspect something is wrong in your life.

Prison: Depending on your addiction, sex addictions can get you into serious trouble. This can stem from public indecency, rushing into a sexual experience with an adult-looking minor, or getting tired of “normal” pornography and slipping into something illegal. Because most jurors have a hard to accepting the idea of sexual addiction, they seldom see the addicts side.

Child Support / Unexpected Pregnancy: Have sex enough times and you’ll either get some pregnant and pay for child support for 18 years, or you’ll get pregnant and have to make a tough decision.

Ignoring your sex addiction just isn’t an option if you ever want to get healthy. Don’t delay another day…make sure to give us a call if you think you might be in need of sex addiction counseling or treatment for cybersex addiction.