Sometimes coming to the realization that you have a problem is hard and takes a while. However, when it comes realizing your problem is that you are a sex addict, time is a sensitive matter. Sex addiction is a serious aliment that puts your loved ones and many others in harm’s way. If your engagement in sexual behaviors is creating any type of distress for your loved ones or even for you, you should consider seeing one of our trained professionals. Having a problem like compulsive sexual behavior can be hard to manage and even harder to keep under control. Our therapy and treatments for sex addiction can act as your starting point towards a healthier, safer lifestyle.

We offer therapy for sex addiction in both out Conshohocken, PA location and our Bethlehem, PA location. Our goal is to meet you where-ever you are in your “recovery process.” Be it that you are just coming to the realization that you are a sex addict or have just been diagnosed, or that you have been struggling with compulsive sexual behavior for years and are just trying to get it under control. No matter where you are in your journey, we have professionals that know how to help you.

Together we will get this compulsion under control and treated so you can go on living a normal life. You are our priority so let us help you take on the burden that is sex addiction. For an appointment to assess your sexual addiction please call (610) 844-7180.