Treatments for Sex AddictionThe idea of “addiction” is a relatively new one. Before we understood brain mechanics, people were simply drunks or perverts or weak-willed, those people who would willfully succumb to the temptations that the world offered.

Today we’re becoming more aware of how the brain works, both on a physical and a psychological level. Many who study addiction now believe that the aspects which make someone an addict once played an evolutionary advantage. For instance, people who were programmed to grab as much food as possible when it was available were more likely to make it through the winter. Unfortunately, in the calorie-rich environment we live in today, that person might become addicted to food.

It plays out much the same way with sex addiction and pornography addiction. Someone in the distant past who was predisposed to sleep with as many people as possible was more likely to pass their genes onto the next generation. A person who became aroused at watching others have sex would have the advantage over someone who didn’t, because they were “ready to go” if an opportunity presented itself.

This is by no means the only reason that people become addicted to sex and pornography. It’s important that your particular reason be found, and the good news is that those who need therapy for sex addiction are becoming better understood. Doctors now know better than ever how to treat addicts; the hardest part is getting people to admit they have a problem.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatments for sex addiction, contact Sexual Addiction Treatment Services. We can help.