At Sexual Addiction Treatment Services we’re not going to moralize about the evils of pornography. We fully realize that humans have been creating pornographic works of art for years, and there’s not much question as to why…we enjoy sex, and pretty much anything relating to it.

But it’s important to note that pornography addiction is a real problem, and its effects (and instances) are already being documented that can be linked to the emergence of high-speed internet across the world. So when and why does pornography addiction become a problem?

It creates false senses of what a “normal” human body is – You constantly hear stories about how women’s magazines, fashion models, and clothing sizes are hurting the image of what a real woman looks like. Many women get depressed because they don’t look like that, or develop eating disorders in order to try to measure up.

Pornography can do the same. As perfect body after perfect body comes across the screen, it can make a person insecure about their own body and disappointed in the body of their partner. This isn’t the case every time, but constantly having to return to the fantasy world and having it affect your real-world relationships is a possible sign of pornography addiction.

It can lead to divorce – Pornography addiction is being cited more and more as a cause for divorce, and it’s directly related to the reasons mentioned above. When a man has a false idea of what a woman’s body should look like, and she feels betrayed and bothered that he isn’t as attracted to her, it’s going to affect a marriage. While some couples can happily enjoy pornography together, it’s the pornography addiction that can lead to problems.

It consumes your time – Being addicted to pornography can lead to all sort of problems with relationships, and one reason is that it takes up so much time. It’s a lonely addiction. If you’re more interested in staying home on the weekend for a pornography binge than you are in getting real human interaction, that might be a good sign you have a pornography addiction.

The good news is that there’s help. Contact Sexual Addiction Treatment Services today if you think you might have a problem and want to take back your mind.